About Windmill

Windmill Country Day School is a private early childhood school established twenty-five years ago to meet the educational needs of families with young children. It is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care.

Philosophy - Windmill Country Day School strives for the development of the whole child - intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. Our objective is to help your child achieve "a measure of success each day" in a nurturing, learning environment,. We believe that children learn at different speeds and in different ways. Our programs are adapted to the needs of each individual child. This is achieved in an open classroom setting which is structured enough to set limits, but flexible enough to promote creativity, interest, and challenge.

Role of the Parents - Parents are welcome visitors in their child's classroom. Parents are invited to participate in their child's learning and development by attending family activities, sharing their talents and culture, and taking advantage of daily opportunities to communicate with the staff. There is a resource lending library with books, magazines, and informative hand-outs for parents as well as a bookshelf for children. 


 4 Rosedale Street        PO Box 141        Amesbury, MA 01913